Wednesday, 8 September 2010

i went to porto and took some photos.

thought i'd abandoned this idea of blogging, and i probably have. although took some photos recently and wanted to show them off...
this blog annoys me though...i want people to comment and tell me what they think, however to comment you have to sign up, come on, who's gonna sign up just so they can make a single comment...i like the blogs that allow you to comment without signing in, or if you do have to sign in you can do so via twitter or if anyone IS reading this and knows the answer, let me know.

sorted, thanks guys! comment away!!!

so, anyway - if your into it, browse through the pics - there's kids jumping off bridges, a crackhead shooting up, fishermens wives hanging out laundry, friends and more....

also while your mooching around have a listen to this, i've been playing the wild beasts record all might like it? (ignore the stupid audio ident at the start).

Friday, 14 May 2010

here & there

just taken with my phone while about.

more pictures.

i found some more, more of a party theme with these ones, taken when i was back in drama school, only a year ago but it seems longer than that since i was last there.